Marabara is a personal project. One woman’s dream. A woman aiming to make things a little bit different, handcrafting bags one at a time, at a slow pace, with care and lots of love.

A small business, where I take care of and enjoy the whole process. From the initial idea and design of each bag to prototyping and testing, manufacturing and packaging the orders.

I am the designer, the maker, the photographer… and I love it!

I make light and functional bags for your everyday adventures. Versatile and durable items so you can enjoy them for a long time. It makes me really happy to hear that you’re loving your bag, helping you through your busy days, or accompanying you when travelling.

It’s all about Slow, Small and Simple.

I do wish that you’ll enjoy Marabara’s products as much as I do designing and creating them. When you get one of my bags you also get a little piece of me.