There’s nothing better than entering your home and be welcomed by a nice scent. Or open a wardrobe and travel with your senses to a lavender field.

If you can achieve it just by using natural products you have at hand it’s even better. I’ll tell you how to do it. You just need to collect some aromatic herbs and let them dry to use them, later on, to fill some aromatic bags.

They’re super easy to make and their scent will last for a long time, promised!

The combinations are endless. Lavender, thyme, rosemary… any aromatic plant will do the work, alone or combined.

Right now, the lavenders are in full bloom, so it’s a perfect time to collect a few branches and use them for your sachets.

Another option is to use citrus peels. Tangerines are great for this, as well as oranges, lemons… just try them all and experiment.

During winter I’ve been collecting the tangerines peel, let them dry in a wooden box and cut into tiny little pieces to use them in this project, together with lavender. It’s a lovely mix.

Now let’s go with the process.

You’ll need:

  • dried aromatics, citrus peels
  • cotton scraps: 2 squares of 4,5” for each sachet (you can also make them smaller or bigger, it’s up to you and the materials you have at hand. The idea is to reuse scraps you already have at home)
  • cotton twill (optional, if you want to add a hanging loop)

I went for the easy method, with the seams visible. For this particular project I think it’s the best option, it looks great apart from being quick and easy. You don’t need to complicate things more than needed.

Once you have your scraps ready, just place them with the wrong side facing each other. If you wish to add a loop this is the moment to do so. Place the cotton twill in one of the sides, between the two layers of fabric and pin. For the first batch of sachets I didn’t add any loop.

Pin the rest of the sides and sew all around, just leaving one of the sides open so that you can fill the sachet.

I’ve used a cotton print scrap on one side and a natural cotton on the other, where I stamped my brand name. They’re a kind of aromatic business cards, which I’ll add to the orders.

The next step is to fill in the sachet with the aromatic mix and close the open side in the same way you did before.

Now that your sachet is properly closed, make a zig-zag stitch all around, as close to the border as possible. That way you’ll avoid the fabric from fraying.

And that’s it, you already got your first aromatic bag. They are quite addictive, I can tell you that, once you start, you’ll keep making a lot of them.

The only remaining thing is to place them whenever you want. Inside a wardrobe, or cupboard. I even placed one in my car.

Later on, if you notice that they’re loosing their scent, just rub the sachet with your hands. You’ll see that they keep smelling for some more time.

This is my first batch of aromatic sachets, ready to travel together with your orders. That way you’ll receive your bag plus a little piece of a lavender field 🙂

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