Today I’d like to tell you a little bit more about Marabara, my beloved project. And I think that the best way to do it is to talk about the values behind the brand, which, of course, are also mine.

I started writing them down and came up with this manifesto, the perfect summary of Marabara’s values.

It’s basically all about Slow, Small and Simple.


Because a different way of production is possible. Marabara strives for a slow making process, where the bags are crafted one at a time, at a slow pace. With care and great attention to detail.

Slow is fine.


Marabara is small and so it will remain. One woman’s dream, taking care of and savouring the whole process, from the design to the finished product and packaging.

Small is beautiful.


Marabara aims to make versatile and functional bags for everyday use. Simple designs, light and durable to accompany you for a long time. Back to basics, sourcing quality materials and an outstanding craftsmanship. 

Simple is better.

And these are the three pillars of my brand, which I always have in mind, to stay focus, trying to implement them in my daily life also.

Slowing down, enjoying the little and simple things. Because life goes already too fast. That’s why my personal advice to you is:

“smile, breathe and go slowly”

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